Chu is a Product Designer with an architecture background.

Chu crafts clean, delightful user experiences to help people increase their value. Currently based in London

Fertility app design
3D responsive One-Page design
(PC & H5)
Responsive Web Design
Cityscape Innovation: User experience with XR and AI Design
Redesign Case Study
My Design Principles

Good design always invisible.

Good enough isn't. There's always room to make things better, smoother, faster, easier. Iterate, test, listen, and refine.
Humans first, always
I’m crafting experiences for flesh-and-blood people, not robots. My designs should fit into their messy, noisy, beautiful lives like a favourite pair of jeans.
Every detail counts
The little things? They're the big things in disguise. Fonts, colors, the click of a button—these are the secret ingredients in our design kitchen.
Less is more!
Clarity is king. Let's cut the fluff. Users should grasp our designs as quickly as a joke's punchline, and no one will ever be left behind.

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Good things happen when you say Hi !
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