My Deliverables
Product design 0-1, Web Design, User Research, User interview
Moscow Analysis, Branding Design, Design System, Sitemap, User Flow
As a UX designer, I really see the value in independent artists having their own websites. It's like having your own digital studio where you can display your artwork, craft your brand, and chat directly with art lovers and potential buyers. Overall, it provides exposure, sales opportunities, and the freedom to shape their career according to their own vision.


Artists often struggle to stand out and create a memorable brand. From what I've seen, customers really feel the pinch when they can't see art in real-life settings, track their orders easily, or get good customer service. These are the main hurdles that artists and their customers face.

Webflow, Figma, Miro, Slack,  
Affinity Designer, Photoshop, illustration
April 2023 - Aug 2023
Solo Project
Yinchu: Web Designer

Light up unique brand spark
Set up branding vibe
Make a memorable impact, and reach an even larger audience.
Specific online buyer
Target user
Displaying products in real-world settings and make sure customer can have thoughtful post-sales service.
Business goal
Ramping up our reach and keeping everything tied to our Insta is go-to move for staying connected with customer.
User research
Dive into customer points

After prioristing the main issues on Miro, I got  37 people joined an online survey via social media. The survey focuses on customers' consumption habits and their preference of different types of goods.
Online Surveys
Customers' feedbacks
User interviews
Online reviews analysis
Customers' feedbacks

After checking out 25 Trustpilot reviews of our competitor, I found that poor service was a common complaint. This is a critical area for improvement at MUMU, and addressing it will help ensure our service quality meets customer expectations.
Online Surveys
Customers' feedbacks
User interviews
Conversation will find the gap
User Interview

During the interviews, I found that people really want to buy artwork that lets them express themselves creatively. They're looking for pieces that connect with their inner selves and showcase their unique qualities.
Online Surveys
Customers' feedbacks
User interviews
Before proposed solution
Customer journey map

Discovery Touch points, Empathy, Pain points and Opportunities
Before proposed solution
Priorities the core problems

After discussions with three interviewees, I've consolidated their feedback into a clear summary of user pain points. Combining this with previous analyses, we can now present a comprehensive list of the identified issues by MoSCoW Analysis.
Ideas & Solutions
Solid sitemap will turn into solid product

For product content pages like the home page, gallery, customization, and tutorial sections, it needs to ensure they are easy to access, navigate, and user-friendly. It's vital to consider user behavior to enhance overall usability. This approach is key to making our site more intuitive and engaging for everyone.
Structure of web
Paths of User Flow

Mapping out the user’s journey through the product and detailing every step helps me determine the most appropriate and efficient interactions.
Sketching for efficient & simplified flows

Based on research findings, I optimise and streamline user experiences, starting with low-fidelity prototypes and progressing to high-fidelity versions, all the way to the final product.
Responsive design
Final product

After some good talks with my client, we’ve nailed down the essentials for the homepage. First up, we’re giving her art the limelight to show off her signature vibe. The aim? To create a smooth, unique gallery-like browsing experience that’s engaging and easy to use.

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