My Deliverables
Product design 0-1, Android Design,
iOS Design, Branding Design, Design system, User Research
Your Best Fertility Buddy
Seedling's goal is to make the journey easier for the 1.3 billion people having a tough time getting pregnant. Managing all the meds, doses, and doctor's visits can be super overwhelming. We steps in to help by keeping everything in one spot - so no more messing up schedules or feeling alone in their fertility journey.

Co Founder
As one of the main people in founding team, I've been right there making decisions and teaming up with Lina and Dani to pull our ideas into one place. Then, I took the lead on creating our brand and product. I also had a hand in defining our MVP and designed for both iOS and Android apps. While Dani's been tackling the front-end coding, I've been looking after the marketing side of things, getting deep into user testing, and taking charge of getting our marketing website off the ground.

We've all really put our hearts into Seedling, and it's been great for both of us. It's also helped me grow a lot. I can't wait to see how Seedling and I can both grow and do well together.

Figma, Miro, Slack,  
Affinity Designer, Zeplin,
Photoshop, illustration, Indesign
Oct 2023 - Present
Our Team
Yinchu: Product Design Lead
Lina: CEO & Business Development
David: Content Writer
Daniel: Software Engineer Lead
William: Software Engineer
3.5 millions
Challenge for individual
People face different fertility 
challenge in UK.
20s - 45s.
Target user
Global reach, 
with a particular focus on UK.
MVP First
Business goal
Boost our conversion rate by 20-30% with version 2.0. We'll also keep updating the app and add a subscription feature when it's time.

Based on 17 detailed survey responses and 3 interviews, we figure out when people going through fertility treatments, keeping track of all the different medications, doses, and appointment schedules can be really complicated and stressful. This can lead to mistakes with medication schedules, less effective treatments, and more emotional stress.

Lack of guidance

Often face a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.

Complexity of managing

lead to confusion or mistakes in medication or treatment

Feel stressful

Face uncertainty and high stakes alone

Project Goal

We got three big pieces of feedback from users that really got us thinking. To make sure we're supporting everyone from start to finish, we're planning to roll out some cool stuff later on. This includes things like a place for users to connect, topic-specific articles and podcasts, even a feature for get their partners involved as well. We aim to build the new eco-system to help everyone in fertility journey. Right now, though, we're focusing on tracking & reminder features for our first MVP release.

Helpful advice & support

Often face a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.

Organising & Keeping track with reminders

lead to confusion or mistakes in medication or treatment

Bring everyone along for the ride

Face uncertainty and high stakes alone

Solution for our iOS MVP version

For our MVP version, we've made sure user can keep track of all their daily tasks easily right off the bat. This way, they've got a handy reminder to help sort out all those complicated to-dos. We did this because we know how easy it is to get swamped by everything you've got to do. With our app, we're giving user a little extra help to make things less stressful when they kick off the fertility journey.
Daily to do list
in "Home Page"
Med reminder card list
in "Medication Page"

In previous research, we got 17 detailed survey responses for main 15 questions that lead to the core experience in fertility and 3 interviews from user about 35-44 years old. Alongside this, we engaged in secondary research, which included reviewing feedback about our competitor and the product user commonly use. This approach us to build a comprehensive understanding of our users' needs.
User Surveys
Surveys Questions
User interviews
Key metrics

User feel confused and lack clear guidance when they start their fertility journey.
User prefer to track their medication, appointments, and dosage daily, especially when it’s complex.
User say their biggest challenges include feeling stressed, hopeless, and hard to stay positive when the treatment cycle fails.
User insights

Have joined online forums to seek information & knowledge
Prefer to connect and have discussions with others who are in similar situations.
Half of user are using different type of tools to help track their fertility or treatment progress
Making fertility treatments simpler to grasp,
easier to manage, and more supportive

The fertility journey is wrapped up in a lot of feelings. We've seen that 77% user say not knowing what's coming next leaving them feeling pretty overwhelmed and anxious. But if we lay out the process for them, step by step, so everything's super clear, they're probably going to be a lot more at ease. Most of the time, it's the stuff we don't know that scares us the most.
37.5 - 81.2%
Users are open to using digital tools to enhance their fertility journey.
Nearly 70% are craving real connections with others in the same boat.
Users find it helpful to have a tool they can use daily to manage their treatment and other related tasks.
Key takeaway from the research
Always use lifestyle tone to give our advice, so it's more like chatting with a friend and doesn't sound so medical.
Making sure what users see online matches their real-world experiences. It's key to think about what they're dealing with in real life, not just online.
Always user-friendly
An easy-to-use interface that lets users quickly add and keep track of their medication times, doses, appointments.
Beating the Stress
We might add features like mindfulness and counselor chats to our platform to help users handle the emotional side of this tough journey.
Keep tracking
Our app makes managing fertility treatments a breeze by putting everything in one place, making the journey smoother and less overwhelming.
Easy Management
Start by tracking essentials such as medications, appointments, dosages, suppositories, and liquids.
Community space that's all about support, sharing stories, and having some good laughs together.
Personal touch
We want to clear up initial confusion by offering guidance that's personalised and really speaks to what users are facing.
Prioritisation Matrix
We focus these solutions
in MVP version first

In alignment with our planned MVP release schedule, we've prioritised the development of four key solutions and two primary features.
Dive into design
Design Principle

We based our whole redesign on some solid principles we came up with after digging into user research and analysing a bunch of data.

Emotional Support
We're careful with everything we put in the app is all supportive and nothing comes off as harsh or stressful
Once action per screen
Each screen should focus on just one action.
Intuitive & Easy to use
Everything feels familiar and straightforward, keeping all the designs and actions consistent.
Let our user move smoothly from start to finish, without any hiccups.

Tracking System

Keep all your daily routines and health reminders at a quick glance. Seedling helps you stay organised and makes every day more manageable and productive. Stay focused, stay healthy, and stay on track.

Easy Medication Organise

Each medication comes with specific tag and user can snap a real photo to prevent any mix ups. This feature makes it simple to access all the details, keeping users in the know and well organise.

Record take med history

Track your medical and treatment history with Seedling to enhance decision-making for future care. It streamlines logging and accessing this info and enable a tailored health journey.
Effortless med entry
Just tap & snap! Easily capture med details by taking a real-time photo and log it into your treatment plan on the go.
tag system
Easy Sort & Find with customisable tags, user can sort their meds by type, treatment phase, or any category they want.
Effective reminders
User can set up personalise reminder that fit their needed.
Smart Record treatment history
Effortlessly captures user treatment timeline, storing each step to give valuable insights.
Design System / Font Family

I created the Full Design System for “Seedling”

At the heart of the design for "Seedling", This is a set of tools that help users easily manage their meds. The design is all about being clear and easy on the eyes, creating a place that doesn't just keep user informed but also feels supportive and puts them in control.
Design System / Font Family

Font Family

The default interface font of the system is Inter Text, suitable for both iOS & Android screen display and ensuring readability across different platforms and browsers. It’s a neutral, flexible, sans-serif typeface with various styles.
Inter Text

0123456789 !@#$%^&*()
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