My Deliverables
UXUI design 0-1, Artificial Intelligence(AI) Technology, Mid Journey Design, Machine Learning, 3D Module Design,
Unreal Engine Animation & Rendering
Blending Realities: Urban Spaces Innovation through XR and AI-Enhanced Design platform

Project Overview
MIXITI, which stands for 'remix the city,' is an Extended Reality (XR) Architecture and Cityscape Design Platform. Our aim is to allow users to immerse themselves in enchanting virtual spaces within our physical world, using XR devices combined with AI technology.

Our Inspiration
We're leading the way in creating digital platforms in Extended reality that are perfect for multiplayer interactions, all powered by AI-driven design. With this innovative approach, we explore how virtual platforms can become spaces where people create, collaborate, explore, hang out, and even engage in economic activities, blending seamlessly with the physical world.
Unreal Engine, Rhino, Blender, Figma, Mid journey, Miro, Teams,
Photoshop, illustration, After Effect, Premier Pro
Sep 2021 - Aug 2022
Our Team
Yinchu Yu
Xu Zhang
Xiuyun Hu
Jill Lee

Previous research

In previous research, we're greatly inspired by serval movies and drama series in design process. The futuristic city pictured in both the Blade Runner and Altered Carbon, along with characters' interaction with virtual technology. How MR technology became embedded to people's daily lives is mesmerizing.

Platform Framework

MIXITI platform can be divided into three main parts: Technical background, user design experience, and as a decentralised platform

Flexible Usability

MIXITI experiments with pioneer and approachable design methodologies that maximise creative potential, enabling users with limited art experience to comprehend effortlessly and design freely.

Design Approach

1. AI-Generated
2. Kitbashing Design (3D model generated)
3. AI-Generated Imagery + Kitbashing Design

User Flow

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